BLOG POST #39: "Shakespeare and the Heart's Desire": Aftermath

The reading on Aug. 26th went very well.  The audience stayed late to comment, critique, and listen to the other comments on offer.  There was a general feeling of having been entertained, but I'm still being urged to clarify characters and relationships earlier than I apparently have been doing.  Some of the audience members were indignant on behalf of the play: "Wait just a little
 while, listen patiently for a little while, and all the characters reveal who they are and what they want.  What do you want? A score card?" 

I've got some notes to review, to amplify and clarify the play; to delete a bit that doesn't do the play as a whole any good, though it's great fun in itself.  Mark Graham was right about that after all, although I fought like crazy to hear the scene one more time.  Oh, my darling scene, farewell.  Perhaps we shall meet again in another play that I will build around that scene.  I promised Allan Zeller, who was so good as the Knight, that I would do that for him.  He was sensational in this role which is now on the cutting-room floor.

The play is well on its way to being finished, and all the better for the reading and the ensuing reactions.  I am so fortunate to have this Workshop, this director, these friends.