Well, I had thought that my third play of the trilogy, "Bloody Treason," was going to need a major refocusing.  But I spent several weeks in May and early June doing more research and working on a outline for the play.  And I came to realize that I did have a focus, or, two foci, but that both of them centered on the themes of love and betrayal, and everywhere in between.

Unless I make a major overhaul of Draft I, which is now written, Shakespeare will be a main character of the play but not the central focus.  The play is held together like a woven net. The plot lines intersect; the themes support the whole.  And, beyond it all, is the vision of the complexity of Elizabethan life, combined with the basic human needs and instincts that live forever.

So, we will have the first reading on July 20 at The Theatre Artists Workshop. I'll get feedback, and then we shall reassess the needs of the piece.   In the immortal words of Nisma Baig, "It's all good."