This is not much of a post.  It's more of an admission.  The third play of the trilogy will
 NOT be called "The Queen's Men" for the simple reason that I made a mistake a while back, but I will not be perpetuating it.   I had thought it would be such a lovely play on words, that the theater company in question should be called the Queen's Men, and that the play would also be about  Queen Elizabeth's emotional entanglements with the few significant men in her life in 1601, two years before her death.

       But history cannot be bent to our wills--well, not very much, nor should it be. And the fact is, I need to create a chart to keep straight  all the different theater companies during the reign of Elizabeth.  (Who's on first?) The Queen's Men is not the company I thought it was.  My husband had warned me I was barking up the wrong company, and I had resolved to look into his warning.  Now, alas, I have.   No, not alas, because I've been spared making a huge blunder.

         I'm working through the materials that have been accumulating in my office for a while now. (Oh, do not ask now long it has been since I started accumulating and stopped imposing order on it all.)  Now that I am making a serious beginning to write the third play,  I need to have my research materials easy to reach and consult.  It's important for me to start with things in order. And one of the things I needed to put in order was this title, The Queen's Men.  I see I will be making a chart of names and dates sooner than I had expected.

          It feels good to make an earnest beginning, with ideas in my head, the right books on my shelves, and lots of notes I've taken during the past couple of months.  So, this last day in March is the beginning of my new year.